Footprint® is our industry- leading* sustainable investment policy. It guides the design and development of our property projects and helps ensure they are carefully considered, well designed, easy on the environment, and people- focussed.


The policy has four themes:

  • Regeneration – our projects must contribute to the long-term social, physical and economic health of local neighbourhoods.
  • Environmental Sustainability – our developments must help conserve resources and energy, reduce carbon emissions, and protect environmental systems.
  • Design – our buildings and places should put the human experience first, be distinctive and high quality, functional, contextual, and long-lasting.
  • Health, Happiness & Wellbeing – our projects should play a role in helping people and communities realise potential.


We take all of this seriously. It’s key to who we are and what we do, so we’ve employed a professional panel of experts, chaired by Jonathon Porritt OBE, to assess our projects at key stages and ensure we’re doing it as well as we can.

The good news is that Four Hundred Caledonian Road currently enjoys a positive Footprint® assessment, as you’d expect. And it will continue to be assessed all the way through to completion, and beyond.


You can read the Footprint® policy, in full, on the Igloo website. More importantly, we hope you can see the effect of Footprint® on your new home.


Cick here to see how key elements of the Footprint policy have been applied to 400 Caledonian Road »


*In a study conducted on behalf of the Scottish Government in 2014 by Douglas Wheeler Associates to assess the value of good design, Footprint was highlighted as “the most comprehensive and holistic model for reviewing impacts of design and investment decisions”.